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Project Description
This tools helps you to clean Windows Store Apps cache.

  • Type: Windows Form Application
  • Language: Visual Basic
  • Target Framework: .NET Framework 4.5
  • OS Requirement: Windows 8.1 or Windows 8 (works also on Windows 7, Vista, but the feature "Scan installed Windows Store Apps" is not available)
  • IDE: Visual Studio 2013

  • Scans the for temp folders in the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages (where Windows Store Apps cache is) folder and add them to a ListView.
  • Enables users to also add custom folders.
  • Calculates sizes of folders in the ListView.
  • Send folders content to the Recycle or permanently delete it.
  • Normally delete files or overwrite them using Gutmann Secure Deletion algorithm (it belongs to the "Gutmann Algorithm Secure File Deletion" project by "xorcrash" on SourceForge It was converted from C# to VB and adapted to this application)

What to do
  • Add other overwrite methods, like DoD 5220.22-M or NSA
  • Save the custom folders added by the user to an xml file and retrieve them at startup
  • Add pause/start feature while cleaning* Ask to close open Windows Store Apps before cleanup
  • Import/export custom folders added by the user
  • Improve customizable options
  • Improve performance (if needed)
  • Last but not least, port this tool to Windows RT

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